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How to Measure Your Curvy Customer

It's a great sales tool for your store staff

Step 1: 

Use a cloth measuring tape to measure your customer's bust, waist and hips. . Avoid a metal tape measure. You won't get accurate results!

✓ Wrap the measuring tape around her body snugly. Be carefully not to make it too tight!

✓ Write down each customer's measurements for your records. 

Step 2: 

Compare your customer's measurements with the bust, waist and hips measurements on the Sydney's Closet size chart.

✓ The dress must be large enough to fit the bust, waist and hips.

Tip: If any measurement is too small, take a larger size. Between sizes? Always order the larger one!

Step 3: 

Never guess!

✓ Sizes for special occasion dresses vary widely depending on the designer.

✓ Select a dress style that fits and flatter sher curves.

✓ Focus on fit not size.

✓ Tell your customer to plan on alterations.

✓ Letting out a dress is almost never an option.

✓ Between sizes? Get the larger one.

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